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CP513  Embedding Innovation in your Business Business Processes
Project Appreciation and Objectives

Companies aspire to be innovative to overcome the substantial challenges presented by climate change, increasing regulation and limiting economic conditions. These aspirations cannot be met simply through the creation of an Innovation Department. Innovation has to be embedded within an organisation with board level objectives translated into actions at all levels and recognition that an innovative organisation is fundamentally different from a traditional one.

The objective of this project is to enable companies to convert business objectives and aspirations into theme level programmes such as water supply, pollution management etc., and to link these to innovation led actions using a generic framework. The framework will also support the identification and prioritisation of projects, and the skillsets needed for their delivery through to implemented solution.

The project would be delivered by WRc with Unipart Expert Practices.

Business Benefits to Clients

  • Innovation is aligned as a business process rather than appearing to depend on the slow drip of technology from the supply chain.
  • Maximised benefits from spend on innovative solutions by taking control of initiatives by driving innovation through thematic business processes.
  • Understanding the skillsets that need to be developed, nurtured and implemented to derive the maximum benefit from innovation spend.

Work Programme

Because each contributing organisation is different in structure, vision and aspiration, the work programme will develop a generic innovation adoption platform that is adaptable to each individual circumstance. Using a set of visual tools and techniques built around the principles of Plan, Do, Check and Act cycle, the platform would map the business processes required to move from a corporate vision/ aspiration through thematic development into project development and ultimately implementation. The main steps are:

  1. Achieve Business Familiarisation and Drivers
  2. Design tools and techniques required to drive "Innovation process"
  3. Develop a Test-bed to demonstrate and improve methodology
  4. Develop implementation plan

Project Output and Implementation

  • Group meetings to review approach to innovation with peers and experts
  • Comprehensive Innovation Implementation Guide (with process maps & output templates)
  • Dissemination workshop.

Related Work

  • Collectively, WRc and UEP have a breadth of experience in conducting and realising "Research & Innovation" projects both collaboratively and individually.
  • UEP represents the consulting arm of the Unipart Group (10,000 employees, £1 Billion Turnover). Unipart has a strong corporate culture and way of doing business defined by philosophies, principles and values, underpinned by a consistent set of tools and techniques. Over a period of 20 years, these have been codified into what is referred to as 'The Unipart Way', a readily available toolkit to not only identify problems and derive solutions, but also to quickly embed solutions, new behaviours and tools in a sustainable and engaging manner.

WRc's Portfolio Programme
Summary of the £1.5 million per annum research programme

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